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That the Ibos strive for the freedom of the Biafra nation is no longer news, but has recently hit the headlines: Freedom cannot be achieved without the willingness, unity and joint commitment of the people. That is why i want to give you the two major reasons Biafra why may not arrive anytime soon.

The two reasons why Biafra may not arrive soon are;

1. The Ibos Are Not United 

Recently, a veteran Nollywood actor, Jim Iyke, took to his official Instagram page to make a strong statement. In his words, her said; “the Ibos problem is the Ibos”.

I totally agree, because if you look at the struggle for freedom recently, you will find that the Ibos are being used against their fellow Ibos. Not only that, the Igbos are not cooperative.

For instance, an Anambra man does not regard an Aboyi man, an Abia man does not regard an Enugu man as well, and so on. The tribalism rate among the Ibos is very high.

2. Ibos are not yet ready to go

Before anything useful is achieved, certain sacrifices must be made, and the Ibos are not yet ready to make them.

If you visit big cities in Nigeria today, Ibos has many businesses and facilities everywhere and they are not ready to lose those investments today or tomorrow all because of Biafra. Most of the igbos are not in full support of Biafra, especially the upper class.

In conclusion, To make Biafra dreams come true, Ibos must come together and prepare. thanks for time.

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