Opinion: 3 Things You Should Not Lie About In A Relationship

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There are certain things in a relationship that you shouldn’t lie about. Being honest and direct is the only way to building trust in a relationship. Lying about these 3 (three) things can damage your relationship and self-confidence.

1. Don’t lie about your financial status.

Never try to impress your partner with a fake life, be open to him or her because if your partner finds out you lied to him or her about your financial status, it can destroy trust in that relationship.

2. Don’t lie about your past.

It is recommended to forget about the past and move on, at the same time you can never be right in the future without the past. No matter how bad the past is, don’t lie about it, because it could hurt you later in the future.

3. Don’t lie about your family.

It is very important that you tell your partner everything about your family without hiding anything. Whether your family is poor or rich, good or bad, let your partner know the truth about it.

In conclusion, healthy relationship can be achieved when there is trust. If there is no trust, then forget it.

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