Opinion: 2 Main Reasons Why People Cheat In Relationships And Marriages


Many are divorced, many are dead, all because of the heartbreak that cheating brings.

Cheating in relationships and marriages has seriously damaged the lives of many people today, and the big question is, why do people cheat on their partners?

Below are the 3 reasons why people cheat in a relationship.

1.When there is no love in the relationship or marriage.

It is pretty obvious that many people today are in a relationship and getting married just to survive, not out of love.

If your partner is really in love with you, your thoughts will preoccupy them so distantly that there will be no room for deceptive thoughts. He or she will not develop feelings for anyone other than you. So, cheating is a clear evidence that love does not exist in a relationship.

2. When there is no satisfaction in making love.

If there is love and no satisfaction in love making , the love is meant to die in the shortest possible time, when love dies, deception takes over. It is very important to satisfy your partner in bed to avoid cheating.

In myself opinion, these are the 2 reasons why people on their partner.

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